Event description

As we move to more green modes of transportation, the Automotive Industry Association of Canada is raising concerns over the ability of industry to meet the demand for servicing and maintaining increasingly complex vehicles. According to Fleetcarma, a firm that monitors electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid vehicle (HV) sales in Canada, demand is continuing to grow at a record pace. This will especially hold true as we move to fully connected and automated vehicles. The questions become how and who will service these vehicles? Where does the  access to vehicle data reside? Is the training and equipment upgrading required to support these hi-tech vehicles in place?

On November 8,  join us as our expert panel examines and defines the scope of the issue and what measures can be taken to close the service gap before consumers are left stranded. And how far could this problem reach? You may have to look no further than in your garage.


November 8, 2017
7:50 am