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Good Health As We Age: Perspectives on Substance Use and Aging

At an iPoliticsLive event in Calgary on Monday afternoon, subject-matter experts discussed the upcoming health issues that are unique to the senior population. By 2036, one quarter of the Canadian population will be over the age of 65, and as this population segment grows, issues related to substance abuse are expected to become more prevalent.

Not your father’s Chevy: The potential crisis for owners of high-tech vehicles

At an iPoliticsLive event in Ottawa on Wednesday morning, stakeholders gathered to talk about how the move toward greener modes of transportation, be it with electric or hybrid vehicles, will impact both servicing and maintenance, as well as how more autonomous vehicles will create issues around access to the vehicle’s data. “When you look back

Brand Power: Are consumers losing their right to choose?

At an iPolitics Live event in Ottawa on Thursday morning, a panel of stakeholders discussed the ways in which the consumer landscape is changing, with traditional advertising becoming less effective, and governments taking a more restrictive approach to things like alcohol, sugary drinks, and snack foods, and how they market and package themselves. “We all

Breaking Barriers: Opening doors to entrepreneurs with disabilities

At an iPoliticsLive panel on Monday in Toronto, stakeholders spoke about the landscape for those with disabilities in the entrepreneurial sector. Currently, some 14 percent of Canadians live with a disability, and according to Industry Canada figures, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises whose owners are persons with a disability are declining. “The face

Cutting-Edge Care: Growing Clinical Trials in Canada

At an iPolitics Live event on Tuesday morning, stakeholders in the clinical trials field spoke about how to move Canada from its fourth-place global ranking in carrying out clinical trials, given that we only have a 4.1 percent share of those trials while countries like Argentina, India, China, Hungary and Russia are reducing their own

Canada’s Cleantech Opportunity: Disrupting the Traditional Economy

At an iPolitics Live event on Thursday morning, a panel of industry stakeholders spoke about the federal government’s significant commitments to the cleantech sector, with a $2.2 billion commitment in the 2017 budget, and whether they could realistically keep up with the pace of change. “It’s absolutely clear that change and disruption is happening more

Global Trade Complexity: More opportunities than ever

At an iPolitics Live event on Wednesday afternoon that was broadcast from the Forum for International Trade Training conference, a panel of trade experts spoke about the opportunities for trade for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but also about what kinds of things they need in order to succeed in a global trade environment. “With

The Chemistry in NAFTA

  In the midst of the third round of NAFTA talks, iPolitics Live hosted a discussion about how the chemical industries are looking to make gains under a renegotiated NAFTA. The major players in the North American chemical industry have delivered a joint statement to the negotiators expressing support for the agreement, and noted ways

Expand distribution of medical marijuana to pharmacies: health experts

Health professionals and patient groups argue for greater access through pharmacies At an iPolitics Live event on Thursday morning, stakeholders discussed the future of the medical cannabis system in Canada as legalization of cannabis approaches. In particular, panellists were interested in a dual system that would place medical cannabis under the distribution of pharmacists around

Vaping, contraband and bill S-5: Rare interview with CEO of Imperial Tobacco

At an iPolitics Live event in Ottawa on Monday morning, iPolitics publisher and editor-in-chief, James Baxter, sat down for a one-on-one conversation with Jorge Araya, President and CEO of Imperial Tobacco, regarding an industry that is traditionally reluctant to speak out on issues. “The industry acknowledges that we’re a very contentious industry, and I’m not